Enhance your critical thinking skills. 


"Active, self-reflective thinking is known as critical thinking... requires asking questions and searching for answers.
Critical thinkers are able to think objectively about their own and others' opinions."


In A CRASH Course in CRITICAL THINKING, you’ll discover:

  • The essential skills necessary for strong critical thinking.
  • The benefits & standards of critical thinking.
  • How to use critical thinking to be a better decision maker.


Critical thinking isn’t a skill we’re born with, but rather something that must be developed and nourished as we continue to grow in our careers, relationships and personal life. It’s a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Success Factor for human performance, and without it, we are at risk for missing key information and opportunities to enhance the quality of our decisions.

A CRASH Course in CRITICAL THINKING is designed to help you discover the basics of critical thinking and the reveal the importance of applying it to everyday decisions.

"We rarely get the benefit of having all the facts available to make decisions; however, unless we employ an unbiased approach to the facts, the quality of our decisions is low and, by extension, the solutions we come up with to life's and work's challenges become poor."
— Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai



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