Discover the power of self-motivation. 


"The words motivation, emotion, and motive are all derived from the Latin verb movere, which means "to move." The motivational and emotional assets we all possess help us move forward toward optimal functioning and greater well-being."

In A CRASH Course in SELF-MOTIVATION, you'll learn how to:

  • Clarify and recharge your motivation.
  • Use previous success to go further.
  • Confront your fears of success and failure.
  • Develop a personalized approach to winning.

Motivation is a force that propels us into action and gives us energy, direction and persistence. Without motivation, we can do nothing. Motivation builds drive and is essential to the accomplishment of goals, whether personal or professional.

In A CRASH Course in SELF-MOTIVATION, you’ll walk through a process to help you better understand what motivates and drives you. Most importantly, you’ll discover how to channel your motivations in a way that yields the highest returns for your aims.

"Like any force or energy, it is important to not only harness motivation
 but also to direct it or it destroys instead of nourishing."

— Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai 



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