5 Things GREAT Leaders DO

An audio training designed to take you From Potential to Performance® by increasing your leadership capacity.



This audio training has our top leadership performance tips and benefits so you can exemplify the kind of leadership that marries technical skills with people skills. A winning combo!


In this audio training, we show you how to effortlessly add simple disciplines to your daily repertoire. Best part is you won't need anything other than a deep desire to win!


After years of research and practice, we know what works, and this audio training saves you endless trial and error. Just connect to your personal situation and begin.

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course today, you'll get a head start on developing, refining, or extending your leadership capacity. It's packed like dynamite, but packs a serious punch to get you thinking differently, feeling differently, and behaving differently in terms of your leadership capacity.

You'll learn key concepts such as:

  • Great leaders are driven by the compulsion to do things not because they're required to do them, but because they are compelled to be the best at who they are.
  • Great leaders use communication to help others discover who they are, what they're passionate about, and what they really want.
  • Great leaders carve out an hour a day or every other day to read; they use this time to learn more about their field of endeavor, about current affairs, and/or about others' fields.

Obviously, there's much more in the course...
Essentially, this course is about challenging your assumptions about leadership and helping you incorporate additional disciplines to your leadership process.

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