We call it...meManagement® 

The Rather Simple Solution to
the MADNESS of Time Management


After years of experience and research, we found that none of the greats disillusion themselves with "time management" — they realize, as the late Stephen Covey wrote, that time management is a misnomer. We cannot manage time...period. We have no control over time; only what can be controlled can be managed. Which is why our experience reveals that meManagement® (managing yourself) is the way to go.



There's something deeply liberating when you discover that there is a better way! It's time to take the ball and chain of time management off!


The only way to improve performance is to focus on our strengths. This course is strengths-based and driven towards higher performance.


The habits we practice become us. Refusing to waste time on time management (silly pun) leads to a focus on results and that leads to excellence.


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