Catastrophizing Isn’t Perspective

personal growth Nov 04, 2020
Salt Lake City is one of my favorite U.S cities to visit. The Avenues is one of my favorite spots. I’ve always been a sucker for elevations. Whether it’s the Munali Hills and Muchinga Escarpment in Zambia, or El Yunque in Puerto Rico, elevations always give me PERSPECTIVE.
I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “get a life” — I tend to tell my clients “GET SOME PERSPECTIVE.” Without perspective, big becomes small and small becomes big. Without perspective, we take ourselves too seriously. In that state of mind, everyone loses.
Whether or not “your” politician or political party won, be sure you GET SOME PERSPECTIVE. It’s a shame that we damage personal relationships for people who come and go; people who use us as a tool. Let’s get some perspective and get our stuff together. Catastrophizing isn’t perspective!
I love being a helpful guide for my clients. I get a front-row seat to the game of their life, and cheer them on as they win some and lose others. There’s no better front-row seat than on the coaches’ bench or sideline. From there, I have perspective they don’t, and can support and guide them to their greatness.
To do that, I must GET SOME PERSPECTIVE.
Will you?
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