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Enthusiasm vs Endurance

performance Apr 03, 2024

The race isn’t won by the most enthusiastic; it’s won by those who endure. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon — without endurance, marathons aren’t won, let alone finished.

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We Can’t Outsource Our Thinking

mindset Mar 06, 2024

Please get as much advice and counsel as possible; just remember that no one can do the thinking for you. Taking ownership of our lives requires thinking for ourselves.

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No One Actually Avoids Conflict

conflict Feb 07, 2024

We don’t avoid conflict…what we do is delay the same outcome and take on the additional weight of carrying ours and the other person’s load. How fair or healthy is that?

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Applying Knowledge is More Valuable than Acquiring More Knowledge

discipline performance Jan 03, 2024

Too many of us are focused on acquiring more knowledge and insights when we should be focused on applying more. It’s time to change our mindset and value the application above the acquisition of knowledge, information, and insights.

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Think You've Cornered the Market on Being Right?


Have you fallen in love with being right? With emphasizing the "rightness" of your position and the "wrongness" of others' position? How's that working for your relationships and overall well-being?

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See Yourself Purely Based on What You Do?

mindset Nov 01, 2023

Define your life by your occupation or vocation? Filter your view of yourself by what you do? You're more than what you do; it's time for you to see that.

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Constantly Reacting to Life?

agility personal growth Oct 04, 2023

Always reacting to life? Always fighting the current of life and feeling like you're always just trying to catch up? I submit that there's a better way...

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How to Learn from Your Failures

mindset personal growth Jul 05, 2023

It’s OK to fear failure. Important: Attempting your “shot” will help you leverage your failure.

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The Common Denominator

personal growth Jun 07, 2023

In every space we enter, there's an inescapable fact: we are the link between them all. Excluding extreme cases, whatever we experience (good, bad, or indifferent), we're the only person that can influence experiences for our benefit.

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How Relationships Flourish


Great relationships don’t happen by mistake; we have to be intentional. Being intentional in our relationships paves the way to success because we're deliberate and fully invested!

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