Dialogue or Debate?

personal growth Jul 15, 2020
I’m a proud member of AARP... 🤷🏾‍♂️
For my non-American audience, that’s the American Association of Retired Persons. No, I’m not 50 (yet) but I read a Forbes article a couple years back that said they’d let a 35 year old in. At 40, they let me in... 👊🏾
In our most recent publication that was mailed to me, AARP’s President, Catherine Alicia Georges wrote a compelling piece. This attached words really capture the heart, spirit, and soul of what we need most right now:
Unity over Division
Hope over Hate
Faith over Fear
Compassion over Confrontation
A more “just, caring, and thriving world” (in the words of LeaderShape) is impossible without Unity, Hope, Faith, and Compassion.
I only have one thing to add to the list above: Dialogue over Debate.
If we focus on proving each other wrong, we can’t find common ground. All relationships depend on common ground (not complete agreement). Let’s all remember that this week.
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