Do You See HOPE In A Sunrise/Sunset?

resiliency Jul 07, 2020
What do you see in a sunset (or a sunrise)
The beginning of the day? Or the end of the day?

On Independence Day, I worked a few hours before I got to sit and enjoy some time off and do some reflecting. This sunset was the perfect backdrop for my musings.

I see HOPE in my sunrises and my sunsets...
I’m reminded that a new day is dawning, and that an evening of promise approaches.
I’m consoled knowing that I DON’T have to control everything.
That some of my best blessings are gifts such as witnessing another sunset.

Recent research by Gallup has found that what we all need during this pandemic is HOPE.
I’m not talking about hope springing eternal; I’m talking about visionary hope.
The kind of hope that puts anticipation deep within us.
The kind of hope that makes us yearn for another chance at life.
The kind of hope that puts actions behind dreams and intent.

How do we find that hope?
By SOWING it...
If we want a harvest of hope in our selves and our communities, we need to plant it.
We need to find new and more ways to build ourselves and our communities.
We need to encourage ourselves and one another towards hope.
Without hope, life is dreadful and meaningless... generous to yourself and others today by giving hope.
The harvest will change your life and your community.

© 2020, Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai. No part of this blog post may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system without the written consent of the copyright holder.

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