Every Last Drop

mindset Jan 06, 2021

I imagine you might be thinking the owner of this toothpaste is struggling financially to squeeze every bit of the six ounces out of the tube. If that's your thought, you'd be wrong...

The owner of this tube was born soon after The Great Depression, and his parents taught him how to take the little they had and make it go further. Nothing was wasted. Nothing was taken for granted. 

Today, this man is a millionaire who's never forgotten the hardship of The Great Depression and, most importantly, the lessons of that time. He takes every last drop of toothpaste as well as everything else in his life!

Could that be said of you? That you take every last drop out of life? How about 2020? Did you take every last drop out of it? (Did I just hit a nerve?) 2020 was hard, but it wasn't lacking in potent lessons and opportunities.

I hear excuses all the time about what people can't do. To be blunt, it's not excuses anymore, it's whining. Rather than milking life of every opportunity, some choose to get and remain stuck.

Here's a bold and frank statement: 2021 won't be any better than 2020 if your mindset is whining-driven and excuses-laden. If you want to win, and win big, in 2021, change your mindset. 6 ounces of toothpaste can go a long way, if you get it all...

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