How We Beat These Times

resiliency Jul 22, 2020
...I love it because it captures the lived experiences of an individual at a point in time. I suppose that’s why I love photography. It captures a moment in time and there’s texture, feeling, light, dark, and so much more...
This week, I spent time working with a wonderful national leadership organization facilitating a dialogue on the lived experience and how it impacts relationships. Our experiences are filled with texture, feeling, light, dark, and so much more. We can’t run from that...
In the middle of our current health and social challenges, let’s engage deeper. Let’s see that there’s texture, feeling, light, dark, and so much more to each person’s experience. Rather than minimizing one another’s experience, let’s dig deeper and engage in them...
No one knows my experience like I do.
No one experiences my day like I do.
That is...until someone chooses to listen.
Let’s listen to each other. Not hear each other.
Let’s reach out to each other. Not create distance.
That’s how we beat these times!
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