It’s ALWAYS About The Team

mindset team dynamics Sep 16, 2020
Tabitha and me walk a lot. We often observe nature teaching potent lessons. This video is a class we attended on one of our excursions.
Lessons from nature pose hard questions about our grit and capacity. Whether it’s wild flowers growing through concrete or ants collaborating on a gathering mission, much can be learned with increased observational acuity...
I doubt the ants in this video are best friends, like each other, or always agree with one another’s views. However, these ants are mission-focused and vision-oriented; I can’t think of a successful team that isn’t...
Coming from a guy who’s never met a stranger, please hear this: STOP trying to fashion your team around YOUR mission and vision. Whether you lead the team or work on it, the mission and vision has to be bigger than you...
We don’t have to be friends to focus on a common mission and vision. We don’t have to like each other either. But we have to RESPECT each other. Combining Respect, Mission, and Vision can move things much bigger than the whole team combined!
As an I/O Psychologist, here’s what I know: We whine too much. Complain too much. Think we know more than we actually do. And this attitude is what damages teams, and breaks down productivity. Are you willing to change your attitude and mindset?
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