Struggling With Perfectionism?

personal growth Aug 19, 2020
I recently had the pleasure of coaching someone I care deeply about. She was struggling with perfectionism, and that was affecting her stakeholders.

It was clear that she cared very deeply about her work, and wanted to serve her stakeholders with professionalism and excellence. Sadly, expectations ruined it...
Expectations permeate every aspect of human endeavor — they’re inescapable. They’re the fuel that drive many decisions, and often ruin many relationships and aspirations.
“Are you asking me to lower my expectations?” she asked. “No. I’m asking you to temper them.” There’s a huge difference between LOWERED and TEMPERED expectations.
Tempering is the process of superheating and cooling that results in, say, tempered glass. It’s a lot stronger than “regular” glass. To gain that strength/resiliency, more is required...
When we temper our expectations, we season them with wisdom, patience, and realism. This, my friend, is what kicks perfectionism to the curb. Unruly expectations lead to perfectionism.
Tempered expectations add realism to our aspirations and allow keep it stop falling on our stop acting like “it” all depends on be humble...
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