The Practice Of Precision

mindset resiliency Dec 02, 2020

I’ve always been fascinated by the deep connection between horse and rider. Watching my niece compete with such precision and grace is simply amazing. To achieve this level of grace and precision requires timing and connectedness...

To what degree do you deliver precision? I’m not talking about perfection here; I’m talking about accuracy and exactness. Every work and personal product we deliver has our fingerprints on it. Is your fingerprint one of precision?

I’d like to challenge you to begin the Practice of Precision. Think of it as “being exactly that and neither more nor less” — being on the money. That’s how you gain the reputation for being reliable: Precision.

Our roles in life belong to no one but us. If we don’t play them as we ought to (exactly that, no more, no less), then we hurt the production. Again, I don’t mean perfection; I mean playing our part with accuracy.

Here’s an example: My goal as a parent is to ensure I’m not a Deceitful Bow. If my children are the arrows, and I’m the bow, I need to be sighted right to ensure they’re shot out into the world with precision. So, daily, I practice precision.

What are you doing to ensure you’re not a Deceitful Bow?

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