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resiliency Sep 02, 2020
My professional career has centered around 4 areas of specialization: Communication, Leadership, Relationships, and Resiliency. In many ways, 3 of these owe their success largely to 1. Any guesses as to which one?
If you’ve guessed Resiliency, you’d be correct...
Without Resiliency, communication is only about exchanging messages.
Without Resiliency, leadership is only about power and control.
Without Resiliency, relationships are only about what we can get.
Resiliency is a LEARNED skill — one that can’t be taught in a classroom. Resiliency is borne out of the struggle, mistakes, mishaps, and misfortunes that are the rent we all must pay to live on Earth. With the right perspective, Resiliency and it’s acquisition are a beautiful thing!
With Resiliency, communication becomes about garnering shared meaning.
With Resiliency, leadership becomes about mission, vision, and people.
With Resiliency, relationships become about mutual influence.
The difficulty you’re facing right now can be seen in two ways: the bane of your existence, or the nurturing of your resiliency. Which you choose is up to you. Either way, only you can choose what troubled times will make you: Victim or Overcomer.
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