What Are You Doing With This Storm?

resiliency Aug 05, 2020
I don’t know about you, but I haven’t often taken a straight line towards the things that matter and mean the most to me. It’s been a curvy road, often with cliffs on either side...
There aren’t many straight roads in the game of life. Straight roads would be too easy. And they often don’t create the strongest of men, women, and children.
In the middle of a storm, it’s easy for us to wish for easy. Things can be so hard, we just want a break. Truth is, storms are what make the best sailors...
What are you doing with this storm?
Complaining? That’s not a strategy.
Netflixing? That’s not a plan.
Blaming? That doesn’t change circumstances.
Kozhi’s Challenge:
Take FULL, TOTAL, and COMPLETE ownership of your life and your work.
It doesn’t matter who’s to blame for your circumstances. That knowledge won’t change your circumstances. What matters is what you do with them.
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