What Color Is A Zebra's Stripes?

personal growth Oct 21, 2020
What Color is a Zebra?
Black, with White Stripes?
White, with Black Stripes?
Growing up in Zambia, these aren’t the “deep philosophical” questions I asked myself (and I don’t remember hearing anyone pose such a question). All I knew was that a Zebra Crossing was a place where humans were legally allowed to cross a road so they weren’t jaywalking. (I know, there’s so much there, but we don’t have time)...🤷🏾‍♂️
Questions are so important because, according to the word’s etymology, they help us solve problems, learn, and challenge. Are you like me, and are intrigued by all three of those things?
As a Performance Psychologist, I’m paid to solve problems; specifically, performance problems. I’m also paid to learn; about myself, my community, my environment, and my clients. And I’m paid to challenge; myself, my clients, and the status quo.
How are YOU using questions?
Are you using them to learn, to grow, to solve problems, and to challenge yourself and others? Or are you using them to create irrelevant controversy, interrogate everything and everyone?
As with all words, we need to practice an economy and efficiency of questions. Use them wisely, and they produce good; use them poorly, and they destroy.
P.S. The answer to the Zebra color questions is both.
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