What Is Your Best Communication Skill?

communication Jun 26, 2020
I taught Interpersonal Communication to College Freshmen for 12 years. I’d informally survey each class with the following prompt: “Raise your hand if you believe you’re a good listener.” Often, 80% of the class would raise their hands. If you were in my class, would you raise your hand?

Listening is a form of spiritual hospitality — we invite others into our very being. Listening, a crucial communication skill, seems to be like “good driving” — surveys show that 80% of people believe they’re good drivers. Reality, however, doesn’t bear that out, does it?

As a Certified Professional in Talent Development, one of the 7 capabilities a CPTD must have is Communication. The truth is, and I might be biased here, communication is the skill that determines all other capabilities. It’s a skill we must all develop and enhance each day.

With everything going on around us, let us LISTEN more than we speak. Let us seek DIALOGUE rather than debate. Let us develop the SELF before trying to improve others. Let us seek to find a way to meet BOTH people’s needs in the middle of conflict...

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