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Awakening the Leviathan

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2018
"You are living in the wonderful time of awakening; this is the time when more people will come into conscious realization of their own value."

 I can’t help but think about how many folks are living a disengaged, drowsy life, and, for some, many are sleep walking. This disengaged and drowsy lifestyle has made them numb; numb to all that is great and valuable, not only in themselves, but also in life and others.

How can one justify such an existence? Ever wonder what story they tell themselves each day? How they put stylus to scroll, pen to paper, and document their life –with a straight face? What kind of blatant disregard for self would such an act take? When they look at themselves in the mirror, do they know who that stranger is? Or have they become so accustomed to seeing someone else in the mirror and being alright with it?

 Want to know who “they” are?  

 “They” Every single time we devalue ourselves...

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