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How Alignment Opens Doors

Uncategorized May 25, 2022

Every lock needs a specific key to be unlocked. Until that happens, doors remained closed and locked. The right alignment can unlock and open doors to our greatest dreams and aspirations.

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What Kind of Leader Do You Aspire to Be?

leadership May 11, 2022

What kind of leader do you aspire to be? This question helps us exercise and improve our leadership capacity.

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How to Build Resiliency

resiliency Apr 27, 2022

Resiliency is the difference between surviving trauma/challenges and thriving in spite of trauma/challenges. We can develop resiliency and thrive despite the pain life sometimes brings.

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The Power of Self-Discipline & Full Engagement


Successful people in life, love, work, and everywhere in between have harnessed an amazing power...the power of self-discipline and full engagement

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Who Will You Be In 2021?

mindset Feb 17, 2021

2020 was rough. We made it into 2021. Are we going to be the same people we were in 2020? Or are we going to rise up in 2021?

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2 (More) Takeaways from 2020

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2021

2020 was harsh in many ways. It's important to not let the pain endured go to waste! Let's take on 2021 with courage and conviction.

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Perfection vs Mastery

leadership mindset Jan 20, 2021

We all struggle with perfectionism at one time or another. There's an alternative to chasing the mirage of perfectionism.

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Every Last Drop

mindset Jan 06, 2021

I imagine you might be thinking the owner of this toothpaste is struggling financially to squeeze every bit of the six ounces out of the tube. If that's your thought, you'd be wrong...

The owner of this tube was born soon after The Great Depression, and his parents taught him how to take the little they had and make it go further. Nothing was wasted. Nothing was taken for granted. 

Today, this man is a millionaire who's never forgotten the hardship of The Great Depression and, most importantly, the lessons of that time. He takes every last drop of toothpaste as well as everything else in his life!

Could that be said of you? That you take every last drop out of life? How about 2020? Did you take every last drop out of it? (Did I just hit a nerve?) 2020 was hard, but it wasn't lacking in potent lessons and opportunities.

I hear excuses all the time about what people can't do. To be blunt, it's not excuses anymore, it's whining. Rather than milking life of every...

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My 4 Takeaways from 2020

mindset Jan 06, 2021

2020 was hard! But it’s the hard things we learn from the most.

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Who Have You Become In 2020?

personal growth Dec 16, 2020

This is one of my favorite spots very close to home. Running water is very soothing, and often comes with the promise of refreshment and the renewal of life...

As we get closer to the end of the year, this is a good time to take stock of all we’ve gained in 2020. No, we can’t focus on what we’ve lost — there’s more value in our gains.

I’ve asked you to grow during this year regardless of your circumstances. I’ve asked you to press on in the middle of hardship. So, who have you become in 2020?

If you’ve done the heavy lifting, you’ve become swoll. If you’ve been stretched, you’ve become limber. If you’ve cut back, you’ve become leaner. But only “if”...

There’s still time to turn the corner and leverage 2020 into the year you chose to pivot into your potential. Don’t let another moment pass — go get your swoll, limber, and lean on!

© 2020, Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai. No part of...

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